Trisha Dvorak

Voices From the Field: Experiences and Beliefs of Our Constituents. Trisha Dvorak, editor. Voices from the Field: An Introduction by Rebecca R. Kline: Voices from the Traditional Classroom: Learner Reflections by Joan Kelly Hall and Jackie Davis: Voices from Beyond the Classroom: Foreign Language Learners in Non-Traditional Environments by Gwendolyn Barnes-Karol: Native Speakers as Language Learners by Marie Teresa Garretón: Voices from Down the Hall: The Reflections of Non-Foreign Language Teachers by Frank B. Brooks: Voices Outside Academia: The View from the Center by Susan Terrio and Mark Knowles: Venerable Voices by Dolly Jesusita Young and Mary M. Kimball: Voices from the Field: Conclusion by Trisha Dvorak.  1995