2025 Annual Conference



JUNE 15 – JULY 31, 2024









2025 Northeast Conference

February 27 – March 1, 2025

New York Hilton Midtown

1335 Avenue of the Americas

New York, New York

The 2025 Northeast Conference theme is Empowering Language Learners for Global Change. Building on what we have learned over 71 years of the Northeast Conference, how are we as educators helping learners connect with others to share joy and work towards positive change?  As educators, we help learners connect within and across cultures and communities. How are we designing learning opportunities and giving our students the tools (language and knowledge) that elevate them as our next generation of global citizens, as changemakers?  This conference theme is designed to keep us looking forward, with student learning and empowerment at the center of all we do, for a more positive and interconnected world.

For the 2025 Conference, we welcome session proposals that represent the answers to these questions:

  • How can we make our lesson tasks more relevant, authentic, and real world for our learners?
  • How do we curate resources and design learning opportunities to give students access to the language and knowledge they need to make positive change in our world?
  • How do we promote students’ mindset of global citizenship while building their proficiency and interculturality?
  • What can we do to build connections within our classrooms?  What can we do to build connections beyond our classrooms, in our local and global communities?
  • How can we differentiate instruction so every student has the opportunity for authentic, relevant, and meaningful learning that can make an impact in the real world?

Would you like to share your program and classroom successes and inspire others? Submit a proposal for the 2025 Conference Empowering Language Learners for Global Change You may submit your proposal HERE.

There are several presentation opportunities for you! We accept proposals for:

Pre-Conference Workshops: 3-hour (half-day) and 6-hour (full-day) Thursday February 27, 2025.

Professional Learning Sessions 60-minute presentations on Friday and Saturday February 28- March 1, 2025.

Standing Room Only: 30-minute tech-free micro-chats on Friday and Saturday February 28- March 1, 2025.

 Research Roundtable: rotating presentations of current research findings, and

#techlab sharing technological innovations in special sessions held during the Professional Learning Sessions.

Please reach out to us info@nectfl.org with any questions about the proposal process.

Thank you for considering the Northeast Conference as the right venue for you to share your wisdom and classroom experience. We look forward to receiving your proposal.







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2021: Finding Our Voice: World Languages for Social Justice, Michael Bogdan, Chairperson

2020: Languages for All: Envisioning Language Learning Opportunities for Every Learner, Nathan Lutz, Chairperson

2019: Authentic Language, Authentic Learning, Rosanne Zeppieri, Chairperson

2018: Unleashing the POWer of Proficiency, Bill Heller, Chairperson

2017: Strengthening World Language Education: Standards for Success, Carole Smart, Chairperson

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2013: Developing Leaders for Tomorrow’s Learners, Arlene F. White, Chairperson

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