Margaret Gilman

Foreign Language Tests and Techniques. Margaret Gilman, editor. Committee on Teaching Aids and Techniques, Frederick D. Eddy, Chairman; John B. Archer, Grace A. Crawford, Kathryn Fellows, Daniel P. Girard, Karl Kellermann, E. Wesley O’Neill, Hubert S. Packard, Fred B. Painter, Tilla Thomas, Mrs. Ruth Hirsch Weinstein, Mrs. Margaret V. Wojnowski, Mrs. Jeanne Varney Pleasants: Committee on Tests, Stanley M. Sapon, Chairman; Simon Belasco, Nelson Brooks, Charles Choquette, Paula Thibault: Committee on Foreign Language Instruction in Elementary Schools, Mary P. Thompson, Chairman; Joyce Greene, Paul F. Poehler, Mrs. Ina C. Sartorius, Katherine Scrivener, Sylvia Smith: Committee on Foreign Language Instruction in Secondary Schools, Mrs. Ruth P. Kroeger, Chairman; Joseph LoBue, Alexander D. Gibson, Blanche A. Price, Frank M. Soda, Elizabeth White, Alfred J. Wright: Committee on the Teaching of Classical and Modern Foreign Languages, Common Areas and Problems, Josephine P. Bree, Chairman; Allan Hoey, Sister Marie Louise, Barbara P. McCarthy, Kenneth Meinke, Esther Tabor, Ralph Ward: Committee on the Role of Literature in Language Teaching, Robert J. Clements, Chairman; Annette Emgarth, Laurent LeSage, Grace Myer, Charlotte Pekary, Sanford Shepart, Adeline Strouse, Floyd Zulli: Committee on the Place of Culture and Civilization in Foreign Language Teaching, John B. Carroll, Chairman; William C. Sayres, Otto Klineberg, William G. Moulton, Mrs. Rose M. Scheider, Gerald E. Wade, Theodore C. Wright: Committee on the Role of Foreign Languages in American Life, Wilmarth Starr, Chairman; Yaroslav Chyx, Leonard Covello, Rachel DuBois, Joseph Monserrat, Alfred Pellegrino, Nora Wittman. 1956