Douglas K. Hartman

Stories Teachers Tell: Reflecting on Professional Practice. Douglas K. Hartman, editor. The Sea of Stories by Douglas K. Hartman: Reading the Stories Teachers Tell by Colleen M. Fairbanks: I am Quite Sure of It by Courtney Stewart: Outsiders Becoming Insiders by Bonnie Rorrer: Gold is Where You Find It by Kristine Olin Finnegan: Learning to Think in French by Mary Gegerias: Turning Two Ways at Once by Shannon M. Gallagher: Every Day and in Every Way I Get Better and Better by Brooke Walters: A West Side Story by John Figueroa: Vignettes in a Latin Key by Christine Sleeper: Be a Good Sport, Sensei! by Yoko Morimoto: Room To Grow by Ruth Supko: The Year by Laura Condron Flores: The Past in Present Tense by Mark Demkee: Just One Little Boy by Regla Armengol: In the Beginning There Was a Word by Joseph Ferdinand: Moving Toward the Middle by Diane Sturgis: “Mami” by Melvy E. Jensen: Montrer Patte Blanche (A Show a White Paw) by Gloria Pollard: Traduttori Traditori (Translators Are Traitors) by Elaine Cerul Eisenhauer: Memoirs of a Former Spanish Teacher by Milton R. Hahn: Same Time Next Year: Same Year Next Time?by Tom Markham: Reflections on the Stories Teachers Tell by G. Richard Tucker. 1998