James W.

Leadership for Continuing Development. James W. , Editor.  Professional Responsibilities, James R. Powers, Chairman; Nelson Brooks, A. Bruce Gaarder, Stowell C. Goding, John F. Latimer, John P. Nionakis, Rebecca Valette, and consultants Frank Di Giammarino, Frederick D. Eddy, Ronald Fitzgerald: Inservice Involvement in the Process of Change, Jerome G. Mirsky, Chairman; Edward H. Bourque, Jerald R. Green, Norma Enea Klayman, Gladys C. Lipton, Harriet Norton: Innovative Trends in Foreign-Language Teaching, Francois Hugot, Chairman; Genelle Caldwell, Nancyanne Fitzgibbons, Judith Le Bovit, Frank Otto, Ferdinand Ruplin, Brother Dean Warthen, C.F.X.: Literature for Advanced Foreign-Language Students by Harry L. Levy.  1971