William F. Bottiglia | The Language Classroom

The Language Classroom. William F. Bottiglia, Editor. Committee on Materials and Methods for Teaching Literature in Secondary School in Preparation for Admission to College with Advanced Standing, Blanche A. Price, Chairman; Morton W. Briggs, Georgette Galland, DeVaux de Lancey, Marthe Lavallée, Edward P. Morris, Rose Presel, Olga S. Virski: Committee on Tests, Nelson Brooks, Chairman; Stanley M. Sapon, Simon Belasco, Charles Choquette, Fernand Marty, Paula Thibault: Committee on the Place of Grammar and the Use of English in the Teaching of Foreign Languages at Various Levels, James Grew, Chairman; Nelson Brooks, Elliott Grant, Paul Gropp, Paul S. Hennessey, Emilie Margaret White: Committee on the Drop-Out of Students in High School Language Classes, Renée J. Fulton, Chairman; Thomas V. Banks, Josephine R. Bruno, A. Louise Carlson, Emilio Guerra, Alice F. Linnehan, Nita Willits Savage, Mary M. Stavrinos: Committee on the Philosophy of the Language Laboratory, John B. Archer, Chairman; Frederick D. Eddy, Mrs. Lois S. Gaudin, Joyce E. Greene, Sister Julie, S.N.D., Rudolph V. Oblum, Geneviève Wantiez, Mrs. Margaret V. Wojnowski: Committee on Teaching Aids and Techniques, Jeanne Varney Pleasants, Chairman; Pierre Capretz, kathryn F. Fellows, Manuel H. Guerra, Paul King, Theodore Mueller, William Nemser, Marcella Ottolenghi, Pierre Oustinoff, S. E. Schmidt, Richard H. Walker, Elizabeth Young. 1957