Alan J. Singerman

Toward a New Integration of Language and Culture. Alan J. Singerman, editor.  Language and Culture at the Crossroads by Peter Patrikis: Semiotic and Sociolinguistic Paths to Understanding Culture by Angela Moorjani and Thomas T. Field: Integrating the Teaching of Culture into the Foreign Language Classroom by Robert C. Lafayette: The Cultural Discourse of Foreign Language Textbooks by Claire J. Kramsch: Mass Media and Authentic Documents: Language in Cultural Context by Jean-Pierre Berwald: Integrating Language and Culture Through Video: A Case Study from the Teaching of Japanese by Seiichi Makino: Linguistic and Cultural Immersion: Study Abroad for the Younger Student by Aleidine J. Moeller: Linguistic and Cultural Immersion: Study Abroad for the College Student by Norman Stokle:Learning Culture through Local Resources: A Hispanic Model by Barbara Lotito and Mireya Pérez-Erdélyi.  1988